Solutions for every part
of the loan life cycle



Choose the North Shore software modules that suit your business needs, keep the existing systems that are working for you… and North Shore will provide one, total, integrated solution for your operation.

Customer & Third Party Portal

The customer & third party portal  component of the North Shore platform can be configured, customized, and integrated with your current environment.  It can be accessed as a stand-alone site, or it can be integrated into your central CRM site/system.

Loan Origination

North Shore’s Loan Origination module tracks every aspect of a new loan.  From lead to closing it can be implemented as a stand-alone LOS, with lead information coming in from a CRM tool on the front-end.  Then passed on to another system/entity on the back-end after closing.  Or it can be implemented along with the North Shore Asset & Portfolio Management module.

Agency Lending Portal

Ouor Agency Lending Portal for Fannie/Freddie/FHA lenders is specifically configured for agency underwriting, comparison of loan options, and submission of the loan to the agencies … either through legacy methods OR through their new B-2-B platforms.

Asset & Portfolio Management

Our Asses & Portfolio Management can be used in conjunction with our Origination and Servicing modules, or with your existing systems. Providing the ideal platform for housing your loans for servicing them and for tracking and aggregating performance data on the underlying assets.


Use the CMBS software module of the structure loans of CMBS market and to analyze pools of loans that fit investor and bond-structure criteria The CMBS functionality is extremely flexible and powerful, powered by the underlying Business Rules Engine, Document Preparation, and Workflow Automation.

CRE Servicing Software

The new North Shore CRE Servicing module is the final piece to the end-to-end North Shore solution.  It is a system that provides what is essential to successfully implement a new platform or convert from an existing one, handle all loan and investor types, comply with regulators & CREFC, and provide an excellent customer and partner experience.

This module can be used stand-alone, in conjunction with your front-end systems, or as one component within a single, integrated end-to-end North Shore platform.

Construction Lending Software

Use the North Shore Construction module to plan, track, and control all financial aspects of a commercial or residential-development construction loan. From initial funding projections and AIA line item budget breakdown to in-the-field inspection data capture on a mobile device, this module makes the administration process easier. Better yet, construction and funding statuses are made transparent to all concerned parties with real-time balances.

Most critical are the exposure controls, in including project and borrower level limits, plus all-encompassing Business Rules that ensure proper workflow, inspection processes, and funding approval.

Over 75 years of experience among the NSS staff in construction lending and automation reflects in the functionality and flexibility built into the Construction module. This experience ensures that all types of construction projects and all ways of funding and controlling those projects are supported.