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Choose the North Shore software modules that suit your business needs, keep the existing systems that are working for you… and North Shore will provide one, total, integrated solution for your operation.

Customer/Third Party Portal

The white-label, externally-facing component of the North Shore platform that, like the main system, can be configured, customized, and integrated with your current environment. It can be accessed as a stand-alone site, or it can be integrated into your central CRM site/system.

Borrowers and brokers can do initial inquiries, submit applications, and login to monitor their pipeline and deal status.

Third parties such as appraisers and inspectors, and contracted personnel, can also use the Portal to enter data and/or submit their reports and upload files/data. Advanced file-upload capabilities, coupled with an intelligent shared Checklist, make document sharing easy and drastically reduce cycle times.

And, finally, production personnel can use the Portal to view their personal pipeline, monitor deal statuses, and lead the Borrower through the process of submitting information through the Portal.


Borrower/Broker Pipeline:

Borrowers and brokers have their own home screen with their current and previous deals, which can be sorted and searched.


Construction Draws:

Budgets and Draw Requests can be submitted by the borrower.


Borrower Dashboard:

Deal Status and outstanding items are summarized for the borrower/broker.


Third-Party report upload/input:

Stress the deal, group of loans, or the whole portfolio to see the net effect of multiple shock periods.

Features & FUNCTION

  • Quick Sizing and New Deal Setup

  • Document Checklists & File Uploads

  • Document + Notification Generation

  • Construction + Draw Requests

  • Third-Party Collaborations + Data integrations

  • Prospect Database

  • Email Campaigns

  • Lead and Opportunity Tracking

  • Lead and Opportunity Tracking

  • Advanced OCR, Excel-import, JSON and XML import capabilities



greater acceptance from sales staff


more sales data to analyze


more Opportunities captured


increase in third-party data received digitally


Time saved creating marketing campaign


increase in accuracy and timing of draw requests

Loan Origination

North Shore’s industry-leading loan origination software module tracks every aspect of a new loan, from lead to closing. It can be implemented as a stand-alone LOS, with lead information coming in from a CRM tool on the front-end, and the loan being passed on to another system/entity on the back-end after closing, or it can be implemented along with the North Shore Asset & Portfolio Management module, in which case the client realizes the added value of front-end and back-end being the same system.

In addition to handling all origination processes and all types of commercial and CRE credit and debt investments, the module utilizes the underlying BRE, Doc Prep, API’s, and customer-facing Portal to capture ALL data related to a deal and to provide ALL of the output required for ALL internal and external entities involved.

Popeline / Workflow of Loan Origination Software


Users of different roles can monitor their in-baskets and workloads, in list view or graphically.

Underwriting Scenarios - Loan Origination Software

Underwriting Scenarios:

Track all quoting/sizing activity and compare different deal executions side by side.



Deal Dashboard - Loan Origination Software

Deal Dashboard:

Consolidated view of everything previously done or outstanding for a deal at any point in time.

Features & FUNCTION

  • CRM Integration

  • Customer/Broker Portal

  • Workflow Automation & Pipeline Tracking

  • Multiple Notes/Properties/Borrowers Per Deal

  • Online Application

  • Excel integration and/or Online Underwriting

  • Document Generation

  • Automated Third-Party Feeds

  • Loan and Borrower Rating

  • Management Reporting

  • Quote Tracking

  • Contact Log

  • Procedure & Document Checklists

  • Committee Presentation

  • Complete Closing & Accounting Functions

  • Underwriting & Credit Policy Business Rules



less time reconciling discrepancies between documents


reduction in time from in-closing to closed


increase in loan quality (% closed)


reduction in spreadsheet usage


decrease in loan cycle times

Agency Lending Portal

This specialized offering for Fannie/Freddie/FHA lenders is specifically configured for agency underwriting, comparison of loan options, and submission of the loan to the agencies … either through legacy methods OR through their new B-2-B platforms.

Even more significant than serving as an LOS for your agency deals and interfacing through B-2-B, is the fact that this solution provides a migration path away from the legacy, excel-based underwriting and submission forms.

The solution is cloud-based, so it can be integrated into your operation and systems however it makes sense for you.


Underwrite and submit to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac

with a single click.

agency lending automation trans

Quoting/UW in North Shore

  • Create sizing records or quotes for Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, any GSE, or any other program type all on one screen.

  • Compare key resulting values such as DSCR and LTV across programs.

  • Select the Main record when you are ready to Submit a Quote through the Business to Business web service.

Available 3 ways

1 Stand-Alone

  • Web-based software as a service (SaaS)
  • Charge: per loan submitted

2 Bolt-On

  • Integrated with your existing systems
  • Integration services provided
  • Charge: per loan submitted

3 Full LOS

  • Component of North Shore LOS solution
  • No Additional Cost for Submissions

Features & FUNCTION

  • Online Loan Setup

  • Excel Import (optional; cashflow/rent roll to full workbook)

  • Pipeline/Deal Status Tracking

  • Complete Deal Data Validation

  • XML Submission (fully automated creation/submission to Freddie/Fannie)

  • Submission Results Display/Resolution

  • File Cabinet (all file types)

  • Compliance Reports/Docs/Forms

  • Ad Hoc Query Tool

  • Built-in Security Admin Module

  • Help Desk

Asset & Portfolio Management

Used in conjunction with our Origination and Servicing modules, or with your existing systems, the North Shore Asset & Portfolio Management module provides the ideal platform for housing your loans for servicing them and for tracking and aggregating performance data on the underlying assets.

A comprehensive database, state-of-the-art data capture capabilities, workflow automation, complete reporting and document preparation, and, most importantly, an underlying Business Rules Engine (BRE) make up the platform. Data is fed automatically from borrower documents, appraisals, and inspections, so capacity is increased, transcription error rates go down, and surveillance is improved.

Powerful, easy-to-use Dashboard Design Tools allow you to build personalized views of the asset and loan data, see real-time statistics, manage workloads, and get alerted to any condition. The Business Rules (BRE) drive the tasks of notifying borrowers, surveying the portfolio, and kicking out credit exceptions & alerts related to delinquencies or maturities.

Filtering & ad-hoc reporting tools give you unlimited slice-and-dice capabilities to view the portfolio from all perspectives, build asset management work queues, feed other reporting and presentation tools, and extract data for use elsewhere.


Portfolio Sensitivity:

Stress the deal, group of loans, or the whole portfolio to see the net effect of multiple shock periods.





Asset Dashboard:

Get a 360 degree view of your loan and its underlying assets, including servicing balances, property performance, and outstanding asset management tasks and reports.

Features & FUNCTION

  • Portfolio mix & concentration reports

  • Risk Based Capital

  • Borrower Exposure

  • Dynamic trend analysis

  • Exception reports

  • Economic impact analysis

  • Comparable reporting

  • Market data



decrease in paper usage


increase in data received & digitally sent


less time required to generate Annual Reviews (% closed)


Improvement in metrics quality


reduction in cost of processing incoming documents


CMBS/conduit lenders and their borrowers can use the CMBS software module of the structure loans of CMBS market and to analyze pools of loans that fit investor and bond-structure criteria

The modules’ functionality spans both the Origination and Servicing/Asset Management modules, as pooling can be performed using loans from either the pipeline or portfolio. Bond structures and ratings can be tracked and reported on, along with the securitization entities and associated expenses.

Like the other North Shore modules, the CMBS functionality is extremely flexible and powerful, powered by the underlying Business Rules Engine, Document Preparation, and Workflow Automation.

Pool Maintanence - CMBS Software

Pool Maintenence:

Build pools of different types with both loans from the Pipeline and from the Portfolio, while tracking entities, tranches, and expenses relating to the offering.

Stratification and Excel Integration - CMBS Software

Stratification and Excel Integration:

Data is easily filtered and extracted into excel for data tapes and strat files.

Features & FUNCTION

  • Excel Integration

  • Rule-Based Underwriting and Pooling

  • Build Pools and Perform What-If Scenarios

  • Track Bond Details and Participants

  • Closing and Securitization Checklists

  • CREFC Investor Reporting Package

  • Loan or Pool Import/Export

  • Asset Summaries

  • Rating Agency Tape Creation

  • On-Going Asset Administration

  • Pool Analysis/Statistics & Reporting



reduction in time building pools


CREFC Compliant


of borrower/investor data received/delivered digitally


decrease in time to generate pool strat’s


reduction in number of spreadsheets used


less time building tapes

CRE Servicing Software

The new North Shore CRE Servicing software module is the final piece to the end-to-end North Shore solution to be developed, as the company left the best for last. The comprehensiveness and usability of the module are the culmination of many years of experience developing, implementing, and using servicing and accounting systems by the company principals, and the support and development staff.

With a sole focus on the CRE and construction finance since the inception of the company, NSS has brought an understanding of the industry’s needs like no other vendor. After years of research and planning, it has designed a system that provides what is essential to successfully implement a new platform or convert from an existing one, handle all loan and investor types, comply with regulators & CREFC, and provide an excellent customer and partner experience.

This module can be used stand-alone, in conjunction with your front-end systems, or as one component within a single, integrated end-to-end North Shore platform.

Flixible Billing / Payment Options - CRE Servicing Software

Easy Navigation:

Stay organized your way. Search by Recent Activity, Deal Entity or any number of ways that suit your workflow preferences.

Flixible Billing / Payment Options - CRE Servicing Software

Flexible Billing/Payment Options:

The system supports all loan types and servicing options.

Years of

Transaction HIstory - CRE Servicing Software


An intuitive interface for searching and viewing history at summarized and detailed levels.

Features & FUNCTION

User-Defined Business Rules & edits:

  • Credit Policy

  • Loan Performance

  • Compliance

  • Workflow

  • Pricing

  • Portfolio stressing/sensitivity

Escrows for Taxes & Insurance with:

  • No limit on number for each

  • Individual receipt & disbursement schedules

  • Reserves

  • Workflow

  • Optional Interest on each

Collateral can be at all levels:

  • Commitment

  • Loan

  • Part

  • Investor

  • Shadow

Unlimited numbers of:

  • Hierarchical relationships

  • Commitment and Limit Controls

  • Pricing Tiers

  • Default and penalty options

  • Billing and collection options

  • Shadow accruals

Unlimited Schedules for:

  • Interest

  • Fees

  • Expenses

  • Shadow Accruals

  • Collateral

  • Escrows and more

User-Defined Credit Products

Borrower/Investor/Third-Party Portals



reduction in servicing costs


improvement in system reliability & availability


improvement in real-time data availability


reduction in manual billing adjustments


reduction in phone/fax/email usage


reduction in nightly batch cycle time


reduction in loan boarding time


Use the North Shore Construction module to plan, track, and control all financial aspects of a commercial or residential-development construction loan. From initial funding projections and AIA line item budget breakdown to in-the-field inspection data capture on a mobile device, this module makes the administration process easier. Better yet, construction and funding statuses are made transparent to all concerned parties with real-time balances.

Most critical are the exposure controls, in including project and borrower level limits, plus all-encompassing Business Rules that ensure proper workflow, inspection processes, and funding approval.

Over 75 years of experience among the NSS staff in construction lending and automation reflects in the functionality and flexibility built into the Construction module. This experience ensures that all types of construction projects and all ways of funding and controlling those projects are supported.


Smart Budget - Construction Lending Software

Smart Budgets:

The module’s sophisticated budgeting capabilities make it easy to create new ones and offer special capabilities for inspections, retention, change orders, and disbursing funds.

Diburse Funds - Construction Lending Software

Disburse Funds:

Budgets, disbursement projections, inspection data, and draw requests are all integrated into the disbursement and approval process.

Features & FUNCTION

Complete construction loan administration automation and digitization,
either stand-alone or with fully-integrated LOS and Asset Management


In addition to the base system, a customer portal is also provided for
CRM, budgets and draws, document upload, and current loan and funding status

  • Borrower/Project/Loan Reporting & Control Hierarchy

  • Hard Cost/Soft Cost Chart of Accounts Templates

  • Line Item-level Percent Complete, Retainage, Locks

  • Stage Draw, Percent Complete, Builder Line Controls

  • Borrower Equity Tracking



The new iOS app provides base system and portal functions on the iPhone. Loans needing inspections are scheduled onto inspectors’ queues and draw request data preloaded for change, approval, commenting, and photos for each. Photos taken on the phone are automatically uploaded into the system and available for documents to begenerated, notifications sent, or other rules-driven communication or processing

  • Disbursement Schedule & Revolving Lines

  • Multi-unit Development & Lot Release Tracking

  • Web-Based Inspection Module, Borrower Module

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems



Whether the property being constructed is commercial or residential, a stage draw or AIA, debt or equity, North Shore offers full automation of the request, approval, and disbursement process … accessed on any type of device.

  • Disbursement Schedule & Revolving Lines

  • Multi-unit Development & Lot Release Tracking

  • Web-Based Inspection Module, Borrower Module

  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems



reduction in borrower-line approval time


increase in digital feed of inspection data


increase in accuracy and timing of draw requests


increase in disbursement control


reduction in time building initial budget

iOS Mobile App

The iOS Mobile App provides access to key functions for Users that are typically on-the-go. For example, Producers can use the app to track opportunities and start new deals, Executives can approve loans, and Inspectors can take pictures and complete on-site inspections easily from phones or tables, using the mobile app.

Features & Functions:

  • Quickly Access Recent Deals
  • Add New Entities/Relationships
  • Create a Deal Package & Generate Docs
  • Loan Approvals
  • Upload Documents and Photos
  • Review & Filter Pipeline
  • Start New Deal
  • Run Portfolio Reports
  • Inspections

Main Menu:

The CRE mobile app’s functions are tailored to the role of the user. Recently accessed deals are displayed for quick access.

Construction Inspection:

New inspections and approvals of draw requests can be performed along with generation of related documentation or notices.

Construction Inspection:

Construction inspections can be done at the line item level, including associated images and historical inspection information

Deal List:

Each user has a custom filter that creates a work queue or particular view of the pipeline or portfolio. The filters can be changed and searches can be performed to find a record or group.


Real-tiime queries and dashboards of pipeline and portfolio data can be customized by individual

Deals Menu (Sunset Park):

Deals can be added and updated directly, quick sized, and even quoted with doc generation.