Offering Cloud-Based CRE Loan Management Software

Solutions for your full cycle commercial mortgage

One System – Tailored to You

Choose the software modules that suit your business needs. We’ll customize the rest.

Customer Relationship Management Module:

Use the built-in North Shore Connect Customer Portal system or utilize our open Developer API, capable of integrating with any existing system.

Learn more about Developer API

NS Connect Customer Portal: Our private label solution for integrating your customer & investor pipeline with your website.

Produce initial loan inquiries & loan applications with the added guidance of our Status & Message enabled Deal Dashboard.

Connect Customer CRM Features:

  • Document Checklists & File Uploads
  • Document + Notification Generation
  • Construction + Draw Requests
  • Third-Party Collaborations + Data Integrations
  • Excel System Integration and/or Integrated Underwriting

42% average increase in prospect/CRM data capture

Loan Origination Software Module:

Our mission is to provide you with expedited data & file submissions through workflow automation & pipeline tracking.

Module Capabilities:

  • Excel integration and/or Integrated Underwriting Document Generation
  • Management Reporting
  • Quote Tracking
  • Contact Log
  • Procedure & Document Checklists
  • Committee Presentation
  • Complete Closing & Accounting Functions
  • Underwriting & Credit Policy Business Rules Engine (BRE)

65% reduction in average loan cycle time

Built with intelligent risk management tools in mind-
The Business Rules Engine (BRE) is an admin panel that lets you set your rules and guidelines throughout the entire loan process.
& You can administer the BRE across the entire software platform.
It pulls from & keeps in line with all the relevant monitoring agencies we can integrate with, to create the ultimate, intelligent risk monitoring system.

The only software suite with a Business Rules Engine

Asset Management Module:

Monitor performance history, valuation, risk rating, compliance, & credit administration reporting.

From Creating Comprehensive & Streamlined Portfolio Wide To-Do Reports:

  • Portfolio Mix and Concentration Reports
  • Risk Based Capital
  • Borrower Exposure
  • Dynamic Trend Analysis
  • Exception Reports
  • Economic Impact Analysis
  • Comparable Reporting
  • Market Data

To Drilling down to the detail on an individual loan:

& Enabling Loan Officers to take action on:

  • Delinquencies
  • Maturing Loans
  • Exceptions
  • Collateral

See the big picture:

  • Generate CREFC Excel models - automatically
  • Size loans directly from operating statements & save time
  • Interchangeable excel models import & export - directly & easily
  • Ad-Hoc query tools provide several options & perspectives for reporting & extracting data
  • Client Configurable Commercial property models give you the power
  • External portal options for borrowers, appraisers & other third parties
  • Browser independent HTML/5 system
  • Cloud-based, easy access to documents - anywhere
  • Expandable capabilities / Open Developer API for you to configure pages to tailor to each workflow & specialty product

Portfolio Analysis & Reporting:

Generate custom Ad Hoc Queries, Reports & Graphs through Developer API integrations & data output options through our Ultimate Risk Management software system.

Use Robust Capabilities to Enable Smarter Portfolio Surveillance & Asset Management Decisions:

  • Automatic Property Financials Requests
  • Property Inspection Scheduling and Capture
  • Initial & Continuing Valuations
  • Disposition & Business Plan Write-up & Approval
  • Appraisal Tracking
  • Document Tracking and Repository
  • Risk Analysis & Loss Protection
  • Portfolio & Regulatory Reporting
  • Budgeting & Cash Management
  • Over 2,500 Data Elements

Servicing Module:

Do MORE THAN payment processing & financial statement tracking.
Now you can do Administrative, storage & report + document generation.

SO INTELLIGENT- the front-end, loan origination process can be seamlessly linked to the servicing system by implementing.

Define & Track Borrowing Relationships with our main Loan Tracking module:

  • Automated Loan Boarding/Import
  • Borrower, Relationship and Commitment Tracking
  • Loan/Note Administration
  • Escrow Administration
  • Contact Log and Tickler
  • Document Generation and Management
  • Business Rules Engine
  • Asset Administration
  • Import/Export Module
  • Reporting Engine and Ad Hoc Query tool
  • Investor Reporting and Cash Management

Construction Module:


  • Borrower/Project/Loan Reporting & Control Hierarchy
  • Hard Cost/Soft Cost Chart of Accounts Templates
  • Line Item-level Percent Complete, Retainage, Locks
  • Stage Draw, Percent Complete, Builder Line Controls
  • Borrower Equity Tracking
  • Disbursement Schedule & Revolving Lines
  • Multi-unit Development & Lot Release Tracking
  • Web-Based Inspection Module, Borrower Module
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

Replace your cloud applications, legacy tools, and paper-based processes with one operating system for your entire business.

North Shore Supports multiple lending operations from ONE system!

  • Web-based (.NET technology)
  • Easy to use, configure & modify
  • MISMO, CREFC, Fannie/Freddie/HUD compliant
  • Works for all commercial loan and CRE project types
  • Choice of hosted or in-house model
  • Integrates with your internal systems
  • Data Import/Export capabilities
  • Reporting Engine and Ad Hoc Query
  • Rules Engine (workflow, underwriting, compliance, exceptions)