THE Cloud Solution for
End-to-End Digitization

Customizable Workflow For All Types Of Capital Markets Participants

Because the system supports every type of commercial / CRE loan,
& every aspect of the system is configurable, North Shore can be
implemented by and for all investor types.

Trusted by Industry Leaders for over 20 years

Fully Integrated with all
industry service providers & core systems

After 20+ years of building interfaces and connections to other systems & services in the industry, North Shore provides more out-of-the-box integrations with vendors than anyone else, while also having the expertise to readily build new custom interfaces and web services.

Interfaces include real-time, on-demand, rule-triggered, encrypted, batch, and all other types of communication.

North Shore Cloud Integration

A Platform For A Digital Future

With all the tools for the digitization of the enterprise.


100% Cloud-Based Software Service

Means built-in security, no internal cost of ownership,ubiquitous access, quick implementation, redundancy, and simple integration.

Data Integration from Any Source

Allows North Shore to accept every type of input & device access imaginable – giving an enterprise the capability of digitizing data or organically creating and capturing data digitally from its inception.

North Shore IQ

Powerful, yet intuitive, client-programmable knowledge-base, rules-engine, and learning layer that spans the entire process.

Online Underwriting

Takes excel-based financial analysis and loan sizing to the next level utilizing all of the benefits of standardization, control, and rules-based underwriting – accessible anywhere, anytime.

Client-Controlled Configuration

Configurable to the highest degree – ensuring that the system can easily be changed without software releases as the business grows, markets change, and compliance requires.

Award-Winning Service & Support

Our mission is to provide your business with the platform and tools needed to successfully transition from a largely manual, disparate, and offline process to an automated, centralized, and online environment.

Along with the software as a service comes the experience and best-practices knowledge of the North Shore team, with a combined experience of over 100 years of implementing CRE solutions.