Asset & Portfolio Management Software

Used in conjunction with our Origination and Servicing modules, or with your existing systems, the North Shore Asset & Portfolio Management module provides the ideal platform for housing your loans for servicing them and for tracking and aggregating performance data on the underlying assets.

A comprehensive database, state-of-the-art data capture capabilities, workflow automation, complete reporting and document preparation, and, most importantly, an underlying Business Rules Engine (BRE) make up the platform. Data is fed automatically from borrower documents, appraisals, and inspections, so capacity is increased, transcription error rates go down, and surveillance is improved.

Powerful, easy-to-use Dashboard Design Tools allow you to build personalized views of the asset and loan data, see real-time statistics, manage workloads, and get alerted to any condition. The Business Rules (BRE) drive the tasks of notifying borrowers, surveying the portfolio, and kicking out credit exceptions & alerts related to delinquencies or maturities.

Filtering & ad-hoc reporting tools give you unlimited slice-and-dice capabilities to view the portfolio from all perspectives, build asset management work queues, feed other reporting and presentation tools, and extract data for use elsewhere.


Portfolio Sensitivity:

Stress the deal, group of loans, or the whole portfolio to see the net effect of multiple shock periods.





Asset Dashboard:

Get a 360 degree view of your loan and its underlying assets, including servicing balances, property performance, and outstanding asset management tasks and reports.

Features & FUNCTION



decrease in paper usage


increase in data received & digitally sent


less time required to generate Annual Reviews (% closed)


Improvement in metrics quality


reduction in cost of processing incoming documents