CRE Servicing Software

The new North Shore Servicing module is the final piece to the end-to-end North Shore solution to be developed, as the company left the best for last. The comprehensiveness and usability of the module are the culmination of many years of experience developing, implementing, and using servicing and accounting systems by the company principals, and the support and development staff.

With a sole focus on the CRE and construction finance since the inception of the company, NSS has brought an understanding of the industry’s needs like no other vendor. After years of research and planning, it has designed a system that provides what is essential to successfully implement a new platform or convert from an existing one, handle all loan and investor types, comply with regulators & CREFC, and provide an excellent customer and partner experience.

This module can be used stand-alone, in conjunction with your front-end systems, or as one component within a single, integrated end-to-end North Shore platform.


Easy Navigation:

Stay organized your way. Search by Recent Activity, Deal Entity or any number of ways that suit your workflow preferences.


Flexible Billing/Payment Options:

The system supports all loan types and servicing options.

Years of



An intuitive interface for searching and viewing history at summarized and detailed levels.

Features & FUNCTION

User-Defined Business Rules & edits:

Escrows for Taxes & Insurance with:

Collateral can be at all levels:

User-Defined Credit Products

Borrower/Investor/Third-Party Portals

Unlimited numbers of:

Unlimited Schedules for:



reduction in servicing costs


improvement in system reliability & availability


improvement in real-time data availability


reduction in manual billing adjustments


reduction in phone/fax/email usage


reduction in nightly batch cycle time


reduction in loan boarding time