Open Modular Platform

Open Modular Platform

The different functional modules sit on top of a foundation comprised of a single, all-encompassing relational database, a business rules engine, and a file repository… with Reporting and Integrations layers on top pull data from all of them. The modules can be used for all or portions of your internal processes, from lead generation to final disposition.

North Shore Technology Stack

North Shore Technology Stack Diagram

North Shore’s Open Modular Platform can be used stand-alone, or together to form a continuous stream of data. Since all the modules are connected to the NS platform’s Integration Layer, they can all talk to your other systems and link to all your destinations and sources of data.


The more NS modules you use, the longer the stream of native data, and therefore the more streamlined and efficient the flow of data. When the entire platform is implemented end-to-end, Every piece of information is entered only ONCE… for origination, underwriting, compliance, reporting, documents, sale or securitization.

Intelligent System

Intelligent Systems

The industry’s most sophisticated, North Shore IQ makes every part of the process intelligent and rules-driven for 100% compliant and expert processing. The BRE allows the knowledge and experience of senior management to be encapsulated in the rules that govern the characteristics of your products, the flow of data, and the user experience.

Data gets validated, notifications are sent, documents get generated, and exceptions are created all according to rules that are governed and maintained by responsible internal personnel. This extremely powerful and all-encompassing functionality sets the North Shore platform apart from systems that simply have rule tables or templates.

Sample Rule Types:

CRM/prospecting campaign & qualifying rules

Borrower/Loan Rating rules

Quick-sizing rules

Underwriting rules

Pricing rules

Workflow rules

Compliance rules

Credit Policy/Approval rules


Borrower notification/Annual Review rules


Configurable Workflow

Configurable Workflow

One of the most important aspects of any enterprise, multi-role application is the ability to define processes and the flow of data between the responsible parties as a loan progresses through the different stages of those processes. The NS platform provides the framework and the mechanisms to re-engineer your processes for straight-thru, non-redundant data flow for every party involved.

Configurable Workflow Features Include:

User-defined User Interface, Deal Statuses, User Roles, Workflow Rules

User-level Custom Dashboards

Rules for Data Validation, Underwriting, Exceptions, and Approval, based on Program/Product Type

Automated borrower, third party, and internal notifications

Process and Document Checklists

System-generated Ticklers and Task Requests

Data Hub

Data Hub

The industry’s most sophisticated, North Shore’s embedded business-rules engine makes every part of the process intelligent and rules-driven for 100% compliant and expert processing. The BRE allows the knowledge and experience of senior management to be encapsulated in the rules that govern the characteristics of your products, the flow of data, and the user experience.

Data is accepted from all sources and in all formats, either from humans, files, paper, or other systems… and subsequently output or sent to any destination or system-generated file or document. Because of these capabilities, the North Shore platform is used by its customers as a data-aggregation platform, and one which can be used to consolidate/replace multiple ‘islands’ of data in the current state.

Data Hub Capabilities Include:

Front-end (Portal) and Back-end systems

Configurable Web Services for data feeds

Global API’s for systems integration

Excel import/export

OCR/document scan

Deal and Entity File Cabinets

Outlook integration

Reporting Engine

Integrated Query/Extract Tool

Custom dashboard views

Fannie/Freddie B2B

Third-party Service connections

Document Generation

Document Generation

One of the crown jewels of the North Shore platform is the Doc Prep module. All your documents can now be easily plugged in and then automatically created by the system. Generate any document, at any point, in Word format with all data automatically loaded. Generate document packages that pull together data and files from various sources into one pdf package.

doc-prep-1 (1)

Features include:

MS Word templates

Missing data highlighted

Intelligent text substitution

Signature blocks for legal documents

Save and refresh

Batch, rules-driven document generation

Email queue management


File Repository

The platform’s database, in addition to storing all your data, stores all files associated with the loan, collateral, and entities. Files of all types, as they are submitted by the borrower, uploaded through the Portal, received from other systems, or generated by the system itself, are stored in the loan and entity level e-file cabinets. They can be included in document packages, viewed online, downloaded, emailed, or sent to another system.

access-anywhere-2 (1)

File Management features include:

Integrated document checklist

Document versioning

User-defined folder structure

Drag-and-drop upload capability

Meta data such as document retention, type, received/approval dates

Ad Hoc Query

Ad Hoc Query

Build reports on the fly, construct user-specific dashboards, and pull any data out of the system in any format.

Pipeline & Portfolio Reports

pipeline (2) (1)

Personal Dashboards

personal (1)
query (1)

Query/Extract features include:

Access ALL data points in real time

Click-and-drag report design

Add graphics

Excel Integration

Excel Integration

While the ultimate goal is to have all data entered and available online, the reality is that Excel will always have its place in the CREF process, due to its ease-of-use, flexibility, and familiarity. Recognizing this, North Shore offers different ways to integrate with Excel … for data input purposes, underwriting, data manipulation, one-off calculations, and creation of excel-based forms.

The key is that North Shore Integrates with YOUR Excel models for offline and/or web-based use. The integration is with native Excel and without additional plugins. This seamless integration allows for the continued flexibility of working in excel, while also providing bi-directional data flow and at the same time providing rules-driven controls and full file management.

IMPORT Function

import (1)

EXPORT Function

Export (1)

EXTRACT Function

query (1)

Integration Features:

Existing spreadsheets are made importable/exportable

Import ANY data supplied in excel, including Inspections, Appraisals, etc.

Options to Import All or PARTIAL

Extract any data to .xls with AdHoc Query tool

Create excel based forms, ASR’s, investor presentations

Integrate excel files as attachments to Approval/ASR documents

Data integrity is maintained by data validation tests run on imported data

Data lock-down and deal checkout

North Shore is able to import data from spreadsheets that are used on the front-end for quick-sizing/screening by sales/production personal, and for the Rent Roll and Operating Statements supplied by various sources (borrowers, Argus, etc.). Clients can choose to retain their underwriting spreadsheets, working a deal until terms are verbally accepted, and then import all of the data compiled in the spreadsheet during the underwriting process. North Shore can, in fact, create or refresh an underwriting template for an underwriter to use and then import back into the system.


Since North Shore has very advanced, excel-like screens, clients can plot a migration path away from heavy excel dependency by starting with imports and then starting to enter data directly in the system and utilizing its underwriting and reporting capabilities more and more. North Shore produces all of the industry-standard (CREFC, Fannie, Freddie) excel-based forms and reports with the press of a button.


The North Shore iOS App provides direct, real-time access to the database. Use the App to run reports, queries, and dashboard. Create new deals, take pictures and share files all within the palm of your hand.

Main Menu:

The CRE mobile app’s functions are tailored to the role of the user. Recently accessed deals are displayed for quick access.

Construction Inspection:

New inspections and approvals of draw requests can be performed along with generation of related documentation or notices.

Construction Inspection:

Construction inspections can be done at the line item level, including associated images and historical inspection information

Deal List:

Each user has a custom filter that creates a work queue or particular view of the pipeline or portfolio. The filters can be changed and searches can be performed to find a record or group.


Real-tiime queries and dashboards of pipeline and portfolio data can be customized by individual

Deals Menu (Sunset Park):

Deals can be added and updated directly, quick sized, and even quoted with doc generation.