CMBS Software

CMBS/conduit lenders and their borrowers can use the CMBS module of the structure loans of CMBS market and to analyze pools of loans that fit investor and bond-structure criteria

The modules’ functionality spans both the Origination and Servicing/Asset Management modules, as pooling can be performed using loans from either the pipeline or portfolio. Bond structures and ratings can be tracked and reported on, along with the securitization entities and associated expenses.

Like the other North Shore modules, the CMBS functionality is extremely flexible and powerful, powered by the underlying Business Rules Engine, Document Preparation, and Workflow Automation.


Pool Maintenence:

Build pools of different types with both loans from the Pipeline and from the Portfolio, while tracking entities, tranches, and expenses relating to the offering.


Stratification and Excel Integration:

Data is easily filtered and extracted into excel for data tapes and strat files.

Features & FUNCTION



reduction in time building pools


CREFC Compliant


of borrower/investor data received/delivered digitally


decrease in time to generate pool strat’s


reduction in number of spreadsheets used


less time building tapes